Introducing our Ford Leveling Kits 

Designed to enhance your Ford vehicle’s performance and style, our Ford Leveling Kits offer the ultimate solution for achieving the perfect balance of form and function. Whether you own a Ford F-150, F-250, or a Ford F-350, we’ve got the right leveling kit for you.

Our Ford Leveling Kits come in three versatile options: Strut Spacers, Coil Spacers, and Coil Spacer/Shock Extender, tailored to fit various years, models, and vehicle trims. This ensures you get the precise fit and performance enhancement specific to your Ford’s needs.

With our leveling kits, you have the power to upsize your tires, unlocking the potential to go anywhere from 32″ to an impressive max size of 35″, depending on your vehicle’s specifications. This means you can conquer rugged terrains and enjoy a commanding presence on the road, all while maintaining optimal tire clearance and suspension performance.

Transform your vehicle from its stock appearance to a range of 2.0″ to 3.0″ max lift, depending on the specific model and year. Say goodbye to the uneven stance and welcome the leveled look that not only boosts your Ford’s aesthetics but also enhances handling and drivability.

Key Features:

  • Available  in Three Options Strut Spacers, Coil Spacers, or Coil Spacer/Shock Extender, tailored to your Ford’s specific year, model, and trim for a perfect fit.
  • Enjoy the freedom to upgrade your tires anywhere from 32″ to a remarkable max size of 35″
  • Lift your vehicle from its stock appearance to a range of 2.0″ to 3.0″ max, elevating your driving experience and presence on the road.
  • Our leveling kits not only elevate your vehicle’s look but also optimize suspension performance, providing a smooth and controlled ride.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, our Ford Leveling Kits are built to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and daily driving, ensuring long-lasting performance.
BrandPart NumberMakeYearModelDriveHeightProduct TypeLocationMax Tire
ThretF-5-EFG-OFFord2004-2020F-150 (Except Raptor)2WD/4WD2.0"Strut SpacersFront32"
ThretF-6-E-OFFord2009-2020 | 2004-2008F-150 (Except Raptor) | F-1502WD/4WD2.5"Strut SpacersFront33"
ThretB-5-EFG-BFFord2005-2020F-250, F-3504WD2.0"Coil SpacersFront35"
ThretC-6-FG-BFFord2005-2020F-250, F-3504WD2.5"Coil Spacer/Shock ExtenderFront35"
BrandPart NumberMakeYearModelDriveHeightProduct TypeLocationMax Tire
ThretF-6-M-OFToyota2005-2020Tacoma2WD/4WD2.5"Strut SpacersFront32"
ThretF-6-M-AFToyota2005-2019Tacoma (5 Lug)2WD2.5"Strut SpacersFront31"
ThretF-6-L-OFToyota2007-2020Tundra2WD/4WD2.5"Strut SpacersFront33"
ThretA-4-M-ORToyota2007-2019Tacoma (Excludes 5 Lug)2WD/4WD1.0"Block/Ubolt KitRear
ThretA-4-L-ORToyota2007-2020Tundra2WD/4WD1.0"Block/Ubolt KitRear