Whether it be, The Thret is Coming. The Thret is Here. The Thret is Definitely for Real. However you Think it or Imagine it, “There is No Stopping It,” there is only one Thret Offroad. Designed, Developed, and Engineered by World-Renowned Off Road Enthusiasts, Thret Offroad was created with the mindset of the ‘IT’ Factor.

Thret Offroad is a full line of Off Road Wheels, Tires & Leveling Kits established in 2020 to provide the ultimate lifestyle for the Off Road enthusiast.

Thret Offroad Wheels offers THREE distinct series of wheels to satisfy all needs and are designed to Handle All Habitats known to Humanity.


Thret Tank Series Wheels means what it says, blizzards, trails, rocks, will never be a Thret to you. Load rating of each wheel engineered is second to none and will stand up to the harshest conditions. For all the Jeeps, Trucks, and SUV’s looking to go and look the extra mile, Thret Offroad is here.

Thret Tactical Series Wheels mission was to create custom and stylish wheels engineered for peak performance dedicated to beauty and safety. With industry leading load ratings designed to exceed vehicle expectations, there is no worry because Thret Offroad is here. Whether, your vehicle is stock, leveled or lifted, we have what you need.

Thret Triumph Series Wheels, what more can be said; Thret Triumph Series wheels are designed with precision detail while executed to include the uttermost details in order to match the attitude and toughness of your vehicle. If you are determined to set yourself apart, follow the Thret Evolution.

Thret Offroad Levelings Kits offers leveling kits to allow your vehicle to upsize to larger and wider tires while providing your vehicle with a higher stance.

  • Height ranges from 1.5” to 3.5” for most applications.
    • Ford
    • GMC/Chevrolet
    • Ram
    • Jeep
    • Toyota

Thret Offroad Tires offers a wide range of sizes in TWO Tread Patterns.

  • R/T tires provides the rugged off look while providing a comfortable ride.
    • Size Ranges from 20” thru 24”
  • A/T tire provides a long lasting aggressive off road look with a smooth ride.
    • Size Ranges from 17” thru 22”