701 Storm Satin Black Milled

Introducing the TANK SERIES 701 Storm

Designed to impress, the 701 Storm features a captivating 10-spoke concave design with the perfect balance of boldness and sophistication. Available in two stylish finishes – Satin Black and Satin Black with Milled Spokes – the 701 Storm complements any vehicle with its versatile and timeless appeal.

Crafted with durability in mind, the THRET Off-Road Storm Wheel is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Its stainless steel rivets not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide extra protection against the elements, ensuring your wheels maintain their pristine look over time.

Engineered for compatibility, the 701 Storm is available in both 5 and 6 lug applications, making it a perfect fit for various vehicle models. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or conquering off-road terrains, the 701 Storm Wheel guarantees an exceptional driving experience.

Key Features:

  • Available in 17×9| 18×9 | 20×9
  • Striking 10-spoke concave design exuding elegance and boldness
  • Available in two stylish finishes: Satin Black and Satin Black with Milled Spokes
  • Stainless steel rivets for enhanced durability and rust resistance
  • Versatile 5 and 6 lug applications to suit a wide range of vehicles
BrandPart #NameStyleDiameterWidthHubPCD1PCD2OffsetCapFinishLoad RatingUPCBackspace
Thret Off Road701G-1790F-12Storm701179.0735x114.3-12Stain Black25008401774016194.5
Thret Off Road701G-1790J-12Storm701179.078.15x127-12Stain Black25008401774016264.5
Thret Off Road701G-1790T-12Storm701179.087.16x135-12Stain Black25008401774016334.5
Thret Off Road701G-1790U-12Storm701179.0106.16x139.7-12Stain Black25008401774016404.5
Thret Off Road701G-2090J-12Storm701209.078.15x127-12Stain Black25008401774033854.5
Thret Off Road701G-2090T-12Storm701209.087.16x135-12Stain Black25008401774033924.5
Thret Off Road701G-2090T0Storm701209.087.16x1350Stain Black25008401774034085
Thret Off Road701G-2090U-12Storm701209.0106.16x139.7-12Stain Black25008401774034154.5
Thret Off Road701G-2090U0Storm701209.0106.16x139.70Stain Black25008401774034225
BrandPart #NameStyleDiameterWidthHubPCD1PCD2OffsetCapFinishLoad RatingUPCBackspace
Thret Off Road701GD-1790F-12Storm701179.0735x114.3-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034394.5
Thret Off Road701GD-1790J-12Storm701179.078.15x127-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034464.5
Thret Off Road701GD-1790T-12Storm701179.087.16x135-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034534.5
Thret Off Road701GD-1790U-12Storm701179.0106.16x139.7-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034604.5
Thret Off Road701GD-2090J-12Storm701209.078.15x127-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034774.5
Thret Off Road701GD-2090T-12Storm701209.087.16x135-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774034844.5
Thret Off Road701GD-2090T0Storm701209.087.16x1350Stain Black + Milled25008401774034915
Thret Off Road701GD-2090U-12Storm701209.0106.16x139.7-12Stain Black + Milled25008401774035074.5
Thret Off Road701GD-2090U0Storm701209.0106.16x139.70Stain Black + Milled25008401774035145