601 Maze Satin Bronze

601 Maze  Beadlock

Introducing the 601 Maze Forged Beadlock Wheel – a new off-road solution designed for strength, durability, and reduced weight. With built-in drainage holes for easy maintenance, it’s available in Satin Bronze with a Black ring or a sleek Full Machined finish. Perfect for enthusiasts and pro racers, the 601 Maze ensures tire and wheel integrity, providing a smooth drive even in tough terrains.

Key Features:

  • Available  in 17 x 9
  • Monoblock forged construction
  • Available in Satin Bronze with a Black ring or Full Machined finish
  • Incorporated drainage holes in the beadlock ring efficiently remove water, mud, and debris, preventing buildup and potential performance issues.
  • Engineered to provide optimal performance in demanding off-road environments
  • Blank wheels available, ready to be drilled to any specifications
601MAZE601P-1790J-14179.0FULL MACHINED5x1275x127-1471.54.452500840177413025
601MAZE601P-1790Z56-14-38179.0FULL MACHINED5/6 LUGBLANK -14 / -38002500840177413049
601MAZE601O-1790J-14179SATIN BRONZE5x1275x127-1471.54.4525000840177430190
601MAZE601O-1790Z56-14-38179SATIN BRONZE5/6 LUGBLANK-14 / -380025000840177413032