601 Maze Full Machined

601 Maze Forged Beadlock

The 601 Maze Forged Beadlock is engineered for unmatched strength, durability, and lightweight performance. With integrated drainage holes for easy maintenance, it’s offered in Satin Bronze with a Black ring or a sleek Full Machined finish. Ideal for Jeep enthusiasts and pro racers, the 601 Maze guarantees tire and wheel integrity, delivering a secure grip for enhanced traction and control on any terrain.

Key Features:

  • Monoblock forged construction.
  • Available in Satin Bronze with a Black ring or Full Machined finish.
  • Integrated drainage holes in the beadlock ring efficiently remove water, mud, and debris, preventing buildup and potential performance issues. 
  • Offering a featherweight build at 29.5 lbs.
  • Blank wheels available, ready to be drilled to any specifications.

Sizes Available:

  • 17 x 9
601MAZE601P-1790J-14179.0FULL MACHINED5x1275x127-1471.54.452500840177413025
601MAZE601P-1790Z56-14-38179.0FULL MACHINED5/6 LUGBLANK -14 / -38002500840177413049
601MAZE601O-1790J-14179SATIN BRONZE5x1275x127-1471.54.4525000840177430190
601MAZE601O-1790Z56-14-38179SATIN BRONZE5/6 LUGBLANK-14 / -380025000840177413032